The Book Sale begins Friday night, October 21 with the

"Friends of the Library Preview Sale Night".


The Book Sale is open to everyone beginning Saturday, October 22

and will continue through Friday, October 28.


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Journey into Europe

Nick Schenkel's Book Reviews on WBAA


nickwbaaACCIDENTAL SAINTS: Finding God in All the Wrong People

A bold new twist on the average take of Christianity is waiting in the pages ofAccidental Saints. Contemporary and relatable, the chapters following author Nadia Bolz-Weber's life as she navigates her faith provides both believers and non-believers a new way to look at the world. As her second book, Bolz-Weber dissects the good and bad in others, and discusses how her interactions shape her faith. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has a review. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  accidental saints

LFL Lincoln Park -small installation day 8 21 2015  


The West Lafayette Public Library is proud to announce the opening of a neighborhood Little Free Library and a walk-up library book return box in both Lommel Park and Lincoln Park (seen in the photo above) in West Lafayette.

Working with the West Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department, with funding from North Central Health Services (NCHS), the West Lafayette Library is expanding the network of library service points in West Lafayette.

The book drops and the little free libraries are now available for use in both parks.  Please use and enjoy these new West Lafayette Library services!  

 Read more about the Library’s book drops and little free libraries here.